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15 Reasons why you should have at least 1 “Don't Tread on US” the Freedom Rifle®Package

Freedom Rifle

1) The Price! Just $499!

“Don’t Tread on US Rifle,” is the most affordable and reliable military grade AR 15 rifle on the US market! For less than a price of a handgun you can finally have a real Rifle!

2) Made in the USA.
The complete lower and the complete upper are made in the USA!

3) Lifetime Warranty on the US ARMS® Lower

4) Military spec.

5) Low Recoil.

6) Accurate out of the box.

Guaranteed to perform 4 Minutes of Angle (1 square inch or less at 25 meters) no bench, just sling and prone position (if you are a qualified rifleman) 

7) Chambered in .223 Wylde! 
In this Chamber you can shoot BOTH 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington! Affordable, and plenty ammo made in the USA. With a rifle twist 1:9 you can shoot heavier bullets than the standard 55 or 62 grains, that with quality rounds, it can definitely help in overcoming the average reach of the .223 or 5.56 NATO 

8) Free T-shirt “Slaves are never Armed, I am not a Slave!” 

Slaves are never Armed. I am not a slave. Freedom Rifle t-shirt

9) Free Download CD Don't Tread on US – by Gianluca Zanna. 

10) Free United States Constitution Historical replica in parchment paper! 
US Constitution

11) Free “How to Become a Rifleman” ebook by Gianluca Zanna. How to become a rifleman ebook by gianluca zanna

12) Free USGI 30 rounds magazine. 

13) Free Laser Engraved ejection port “Don’t Tread on US”. 

14) It is an AR15: the most available rifle in America. Plenty spare parts, or aftermarket upgrades, and more important... Obama and the statists hate Americans with a military grade Rifle like an AR15!

15) A super crisp and fast trigger with just 3.8 pounds average.