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7 Reasons to shop with us: Welcome to AR15Shop.US

There are many websites that sells AR15 rifles and parts...
why choose AR15Shop.US? 7 reasons to shop at AR15Shop.US
 Here are 7 great reasons.

1) Money Back Guaranteed and Top Quality! All our products are tested by our staff. We stand behind our products 100%. If you do not like something, we offer you 30 days money back guaranteed! Period. (Just contact our customer service).

2) Prices!
We offer wholesale prices to the public. We are gun manufacturers, so we can offer you prices that everybody can afford with great quality. 

3) FREE Shipping! We offer Free shipping on all our AR 15 Uppers, Rifle packages and for any order over $100 (with some exceptions, like the Smoke Grenades and Coffee.)

4) We  make the stuff. Yes, as federal licensed gun manufacturers we make our rifles, we build the uppers, while working close to all the manufacturers who build our parts.

5) We shoot the stuff. We just do not make guns... we love to shoot them. We test personally every product we sell. From rifles to magazines, sights, uppers... everything gets tested... because we love to shoot!

6) We are Real People. When you call us, you do not call some outsourced customer service from oversea. We are Americans based in Mohave County Arizona and we answer you immediately with every question you have. Just call us or email us and we take care of you immediately.

7) Lifetime Warranty! All our polymer lowers come with Lifetime warranty! Just do not use reloads, or start change parts... and you will have lifetime warranties on all our polymer lowers, because we know that you will not need it!

Any questions, contact me directly
thank you for your business
Gianluca Zanna