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Why should You get a CCW permit in Arizona?

I must admit it, I have a natural adversity for the word “permit” when comes to my individual Rights. The Second Amendment is a Right, especially in our great State of Arizona. A Right does not need “permissions,” otherwise it becomes a “privilege” sold back to us by the government, but thanks the work of many Arizona gun owners and a majority of our elected State legislators, since 2010 with SB 1108, in Arizona we have the “Constitutional Carry,” that means, if you are a law abiding legal resident over 21 you can carry a firearm or more concealed without government's permit (with some exceptions of course of where you can carry).
Arizona Concealed Carry Permit with Zanna Enterprises LLC

Then you may ask, “Why Should I Get an Arizona CCW Permit?”
Here are some of reasons why, I humbly suggest you to apply for a Concealed Carry Permit in Arizona.

1) Responsibility and Education
“With Freedom comes Responsibility”. As gun owners we have a huge responsibility towards us and others the moment we decided to carry a gun for self-defense.
It is our duty to learn, be proficient and safe in using and handling firearms and it is our duty to seek every type of training we can afford. At the end, we are liable for every bullet coming out of the barrel of our gun. Period. The CCW class it is just the beginning of our journey. Few hours class is not going to give you all the training you need, but at least it can show you what you need to learn, starting with the basic of marksmanship, the safety rules, and as important, it will give you a good foundation to know your State laws to be a responsible gun owner. Do you know when is legal to use deadly force? What to do after a violent confrontation with your gun for self defense? How to interact during a stop with law enforcement? Where you can or cannot carry a gun? This is not a game. If you do something wrong, you may get killed, face criminal charges and civil lawsuit. Ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse. You are expected to know all the laws relating to firearms if you carry a gun.
2) No background check when purchasing firearms
Every time you purchase a firearm through a FFL dealer you will have to go through a background check. Sometimes, it can take extra time and stress to just wait for the government hot line being too busy. With your CCW permit the FFL dealer does not need to call for the background check. Just fill the application, show copy of your ID and CCW permit and you should be good to go.

3) Improving quality of the potential encounters with Law Enforcement
This is a subjective and personal experience, but I feel it is worth sharing it. In the last few years, I was pulled over by the DPS a couple of times, and both times, the deputies were aware of my CCW and very polite and cordial with me. Normally, the officer has the right to retain your gun during the encounter, for their safety, and then of course he will give it back to you at the end of the stop. Both times, I was told that I could keep on my gun on me, and their attitude was much more relaxed than I would have expected. I sincerely believe, that when you carry a CCW, you show that you are a law abiding person, with no criminal record, with a proven background check, the officer may feel more at ease with you. It may not work every time the same way, but I deeply believe that it can help your interactions with law enforcement.

4) Carry permitted in restaurants that allow concealed carry
In Arizona, recently, a law was passed that allow CCW holders to carry concealed their gun in establishments where alcohol is served. Two conditions must be met: the person who is carrying, must not drink alcohol, and the gun must be kept concealed. Great benefit, for safety and liability. You do not need to leave your gun in the car anymore where somebody could steal it, and at the same time you could be the designated driver and safety person for your night out with friends and family.

5) Carry privileges in 35 states with the Arizona permit
At the moment there are 35 States that recognize the Arizona CCW. It is a great benefit to be able to carry your gun for self defense in your next business or pleasure trip. Please, remember States can change their agreement anytime. It is your duty to check the actual situation every time you visit a specific State. Also, it is extremely important that all Arizona Permit holders be aware of the CCW requirements and laws of all reciprocating/recognizing states. An Arizona CCW permit does not supersede any other state's law or CCW requirements. Persons carrying an Arizona permit are subject to the laws of the state they are visiting.

6) 1000 Feet Schools Gun Free Zones
You need to have CCW Permit, under Federal Law, in order to have a firearm in your possession when you are within 1000 feet of a school ground.
If you have a CCW, you can carry your handgun on school grounds while picking up your child with some restrictions.
Conditionally. If you remain in your vehicle and the handgun is unloaded before entering school grounds, yes. If you have to exit your vehicle while picking up your child, the handgun must be unloaded and secured (locked) within the vehicle out of plain view.

Why choose “Arizona Concealed Carry Permit” course by Zanna Enterprises LLC ?
We strive in providing the most complete curriculum in the industry, with over 5 hours of filled information that cover way beyond the minimum requirement demanded by the State. 
We provide you with a practical approach to all potential scenarios and laws that you should be aware of to be a law abiding gun owner.
We also touch gun safety in a very deep and pragmatical way, and marksmanship fundamentals that every gun owner should be familiar.
We show you how to be aware of your surroundings, and how to handle a violent confrontation. How to deescalate it, avoid it or if forced, how to win it.
We teach you according to the Arizona law when you can or cannot use deadly force.
Where you can and cannot legally carry a concealed weapon in Arizona, and much more.
We are also very affordable: just $85.00 for person and FREE of charge for Single Mothers or Teachers. FREE PDF file of the whole curriculum we teach during the class (so you do not need to take over 100 pages of notes).
For more information contact zanna@zanna.us or call 928 263 0071 for the closest CCW class near to you.

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