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AR15 Complete Lowers by US Arms

US ARMS by Zanna Enterprises LLC
“Manufacturing Firearms to Defend Freedom”

The most innovative complete MIL SPEC AR15 Lowers on the market 

Mil Spec - Quality - Affordable - Innovative - Made in the USA
MIL SPEC: all our firearms and parts are 100% MIL SPEC
Compatible and interchangeable with military grade components 
Quality: proudly making, inspecting and testing every firearm before shipping to our customers and dealers. Lifetime Warranty on all our lowers
Affordable: making it possible for every law abiding person to be armed with quality firearms you can trust to defend your life and freedom
Innovative: using and always researching the latest technology to manufacture better, stronger firearms
Made in the USA: All our AR15 Lowers and Rifles are made by Americans in the USA
Complete AR15 Lowers starting at $124.99 
We are located at 2152 McCulloch Blvd N, SUITE B 
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

The Patriot-15 model is ultra lightweight lower with our polymer P-15 ® trigger group. It comes with a collapsible M4 style carbine buttstock and M16A2 grip. Features US ARMS engraved aluminum buffer tube.

The Patriot-15 II model offers a steel, mil-spec trigger group and hardware. It also comes equipped with an upgraded, ergonomically styled DMR pistol grip along with a lightweight collapsible micro M4 style carbine buttstock, and features US ARMS aluminum buffer tube.

The Skadi features an upgraded, collapsible SOP MOD style buttstock and an ergonomically styled DMR pistol grip. This lower is lightweight and is assembled with our polymer P-15 ® trigger group. This model features a Skadi engraved aluminum buffer tube.

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