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Arizona Concealed Carry Permit Class

Arizona Concealed Carry Permit Class

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The most complete AZ CCW Class in the State... for the best Price!

Curriculum by Gianluca Zanna - NRA Certified Handgun Instructor, NRA Certified Rifle Instructor, NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor,  NRA Certified Self Defense Inside the Home Instructor, NRA Certified Self Defense Outside the Home Instructor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Distinguished Graduated at Frontsight Nevada Firearms Institute, Qualified Rifleman with the Army Qualification test

1. The Moral and Ethical Decision
2. Who can Own a Firearm
3. Benefits of Obtaining an Arizona CCW
4. Basic Firearm Safety
5. Marksmanship Fundamentals
6. Mindset and Attitude: You are the Weapon.
    Knowledge and Attitude
7. Types of Guns and Calibers: find the Gun that fits you
8. Dedicated Carry Systems: how to carry with safety & efficiency
9. Ammunition for Self Defense
10. The Criminal Mindset and Colors of Awareness
11. Escalation of Force: Scenarios When to Shoot or not to Shoot, 21 feet Myth
12. Use of Deadly Physical Force: When You can Shoot
13. After the Shooting Criminal Civil Liability:  prepare now before it   happens
14. Related Laws: Aggravated Assault – Endangerment – Threatening – Disorderly      Conduct - Hindering Prosecution – Criminal Nuisances – Reporting Gun Shots Wounds Aiding a Peace Officer – Warning Shot – Keeping control of your firearms -
Citizen Arrest – Domestic Violence – Gun Free Zone
15. The “Castle Doctrine” in Arizona
16. Constitutional Carry, Open Carry, Who can Carry
17. Where and How You can legally Carry a Firearm in Arizona
18. Contact with Law Enforcement while Carrying a Firearm
19. Interstate Travel with Firearms and State Reciprocity
20. How to Clean a Firearm
21. Basic Hygiene and Safety Precautions
22. All Required Forms  + Fingerprinting Info
23. Course Completion Certificate

This course satisfies all the legal requirements to be issued an AZ CCW permit.  

Course fee does not include the $60 DPS Application Fee
and the $5 Range fee.

Range time is not mandatory but it is included and it can substituted.
by the Virtual shooting simulator at the instructor's discretion (included in price).
FREE for Single Mothers and Disables (instructor's discretion).
Bring a friend and you get $20.00 off!!

For more information phone: 928-263-0071  zanna@zanna.us

 $85 per student