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eGunTraining  on-line practical personalized Firearms Training with Live Instructor

eGunTraining on-line practical personalized Firearms Training with Live Instructor

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To have firearms and ammunition is not enough. For sure it is the first step in the right direction to defend yourself and your family in these dangerous times.
Training is a fundamental step in being able to be safe and proficient with your firearms, but of most of the times can be hard to find a qualified instructor, time consuming to go the range, and also expensive, especially if you live in some big cities or in areas too remote away from training facilities.
Finally, from wherever you are, in the comfort of your home, you and your family can learn how to be safe and proficient with any firearm, with a professional private firearms instructor, Gianluca Zanna.

by Zanna Firearms Training 
Making America safer, one family at the time 
Practical - Affordable - Efficient on line Personalized Firearms Training

1) Comfort. 
Training in your own home at the time you choose.

2) Quality Training.
Gianluca Zanna is a NRA certified Firearms Instructor and more.
Gianluca Zanna is NRA Certified Handgun Instructor, NRA Certified Rifle Instructor, NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor, NRA Certified Self Defense Inside the Home Instructor, NRA Certified Self Defense Outside the Home Instructor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Distinguished Graduated at Frontsight Nevada Firearms Institute, Qualified Rifleman with the Army Qualification test. Also he is the radio host of Love, Guns & Freedom.

3) Custom Training. 
We are focused on creating a class for your specific needs: you decide the firearms, the goals and the pace.

4) Affordable.
Just $59 for 1 hour of live training for you together with your family or group of friends, if you choose. Finally everybody can afford top quality firearms training, regardless where you live in the world. You can share this hour with all your family or group of friends, and you will be ending paying less than a box of ammo. Also, you can purchase the on-line class as a gift to others!

5) Private.
You can ask any questions you have and train in privacy at your own pace.

Technical requirements to attend the eGunTraining Classes:
a) Fast internet connection with decent computer
b) Webcam
c) Free Skype account 
4) A “Zanna Firearms Training Target” (FREE included with lesson)
5) Zanna Firearms Training Manual (FREE included with lesson)
6) Your own firearm (unloaded)
7) No ammunition in the room
8) 5 Snapcaps (dummy ammunition)
6) At least 2 magazines of your firearm

We accept Credit Cards and Paypal, checks and money orders.

For any questions, or to book your private class for you and your family email zanna@zanna.us
eGunTraining On Line Personalized Firearms Training

Some examples topics of our on line classes:

a) Firearms Safety 
Safety it is our first goal and it is part of every class we teach.

b) Know your Firearm
Learn how to operate your gun: Loading, unloading, chamber check, safety, stripping, cleaning, disassembling it and assembling it.

c) Fundamentals of Marksmanship
No matter what gun you have, you need to learn how to shoot straight and hit your target.

d) Presentation into the fight 
No matter if it is a handgun or long gun, you will learn how to present your firearm into the fight, from the holster, concealed or sling.

e) Firearm Storage and Maintenance
Protect your firearms from unwanted persons, at the same time, keep them accessible, and learn how to preserve from rust and the elements. 

f) Combat Mindset
Learn how to develop the mindset that will transform you from a target shooter, to a warrior.

g) Home or Apartment Fortification
Create plans and affordable upgrades to transform your home or apartment your own castle.

h) Principles of Tactics
You will be able to use your skills and tools available to win a gun fight or any violent confrontation.  

i) Reloads 
No matter what gun you have, you must know how to perform the emergency reload, tactical reload and speed reload... and FAST.

l) Clearing Malfunctions
You will be able to learn how to clear the 3 firearms malfunctions in few seconds.

m) Dry Fire Training
You will learn how to train with your weapon without ammunition, with safety, saving hundreds of $ in the comfort of your home.

n) Controlled Pair - Failure to Stop
No matter if rifle or handgun, you should know where to aim, how many rounds to shoot, and when you have no other options, how to stop your attacker permanently.  

o) Shooting Stances
Isosceles, modified weaver, shooting from standing, sitting, prone, squat, you need to master these shooting positions. No place for benches in real life shooting.

We create customized training on every type of firearm you may own.
Some examples: AK47 rifle, SKS, AR15 rifle, Bolt Action Rifles, Shotguns (pump and semi-auto), handguns (revolver and all semi-auto)