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Skadi the Organic Coffee to Awaken the Warrior in You!

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Awaken the warrior in you... with Skadi the new Organic Coffee by Zanna Enterprises LLC
I am Skadi, Norse Goddess of Winter, Hunting and Just Revenge.
I bow down to no one: I am independent; I am fierce; I am a warrior.
My Viking Spirit is reborn in the new organic bean blend by Zanna Coffee. I will keep you up when you feel down, sharing my energy, my boldness, my zest for life.

Find Happiness in Every Cup--whether it's iced like a Scandinavian night to refresh a summer day, or hot as a hearth fire to warm the coldest winter morning, as you rise to face the day, Skadi will awaken the warrior in you.

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Skadi is a medium-bodied blend consisting of three Fair Trade Certified™ organically grown coffees from Central America. This a dark roast with a mellow start but with a bold finish.