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Straight Shot Espresso - Start your day with a Bang

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Zanna's "Straight Shot" Espresso Blend is made from authentic Italian style medium roasted organic coffee beans, producing rich flavored coffee with an enticing aroma that smells like home.
Dark, deep and intense, simple yet rich, with hints of dark chocolate, this espresso is outstanding for cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and is loved by the straight-shot espresso enthusiast.
You can grind the beans according to your taste and use this coffee for Espresso or regular American Coffee.

Zanna's Espresso Organic with its dark rich blend of arabicas and tropical robusta beans, has one of the highest ratings ever recorded for an organic espresso.

Roasted in the Italian espresso tradition, Zanna's Espresso Organico blend consists of 4 different single origin coffees: Fair Trade Certified organically grown coffee from Central America, blended with an organically grown African and 2 diverse organically grown South American beans.

FREE SONGS "DON'T TREAD ON US" and "BACK TO CALICO" when you purchase 1 bag of "Straight Shot Organic Espresso".

12 oz Whole Coffee Beans to better preserve the flavor and giving you the freedom to choose how to grind it.
Certified Organic and Fair Trade.

Depending how you grind the coffee beans, you can use the "Straight Shot Organic Espresso" for a variety of purposes:
Extra fine for a classic Espresso
Medium for Mocha and Cappuccino
Coarse for classic American Coffee brew

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