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AR15 Rifle for Home Defense 1 Day Class

AR15 Rifle for Home Defense 1 Day Class

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Curriculum by Gianluca Zanna 

1) Moral and Ethical Use of Deadly Force
2) Why the AR15 Rifle is the Best Home Defense Tool (7 reasons)
3) Gun Safety Rules
4) Home Safety Issues: Over Penetration, Cover vs Concealment, Unauthorized Persons, Ammunition for Your Rifle
5) Home Preparedness Plan: Securing Entrances, Lights, Safe Room, Warning Systems, Gear (9 essentials), Emergency Plan, 911 Call, When Police Arrive
6) How to Storage and Deploy the AR 15
7) The AR 15 Rifle: Parts, How it Works (load, unload, chamber check, safety), How to Modify it for Home Defense (flash-hider, sling, light, red dot)
8) Stances for Home Defense: Standing, Kneeling, Squat, Behind Cover, Behind wall, Prone, Side Prone, Sitting
9) How to Zero the AR15 for your Home (Point of Aim & Point of Impact), Compensation at Close Distance.
10) Sight Alignment vs Point Shooting, Sight Picture, Trigger Control, Breathing (do we really care?)
11) Controlled Pair (why 2 is better than 1), Trigger Reset, Speed Shooting, Shot Placement, 50% Rule, Fight How You Train--Train How You Fight, Visualization
12) Emergency Reload, Tactical Reload
13) Malfunction Type I, II & III
14) Facing Multiple Attackers
15) Close Contact Drill
16) Failure to Stop Drill
17) Fundamentals of Retention, Transition to Sidearm
18) Dry Practice
19) Clearing a Room (should you do it?), Opening a Door, Managing Corners, Tactics, & Scenarios