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Handgun Training for Self Defense 1

Handgun Training for Self Defense 1

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• Goal: Learning the Fundamentals of Self Defense with any handgun in realistic scenarios, creating the correct and safe way to continue training at home

Curriculum by Gianluca Zanna
NRA Certified Handgun Instructor - NRA Instructor for Self Defense Inside the Home - NRA Instructor for Self Defense Outside the Home - NRA Chief Range Safety Officer - Distinguished Graduated Handgun Front Sight Firearms Institute - NRA Rifle Instructor – NRA Shotgun Instructor – Rifleman Army Qualification Test
NRA Instructor Refuse to be a Victim
to book or any questions email: zanna@zanna.us Phone: 928.263.0071

• Class length: 8 hours 

Cost for student: $149 (includes range fees)
The student can take the same class 2 more times for just $50 !!
The class includes free PDF Curriculum and access to FREE on Line Videos

1) Safety and Range Rules
2) How to holster any Gun, Magazine or Speedloader with and without concealment
3) How to grip any Gun (one hand, two hands, the reference point)
4) How to check condition of any Gun
5) How to load and unload any Gun (Revolver and Semi-auto)
6) How to Index and Carry the Magazine and the Speedloader
7) Shooting Stance
8) Ready Position
9) How to shoot with your Dominant Eye and with Both Eyes open
10) The 3 Secrets of Marksmanship
11) How to Master the Trigger Reset and Follow Through
12) Presentation from the Holster (Concealed and Open Carry)
13) After Action Drill – 360 scanning
14) Emergency Reload and Tactical Reload
15) How to Clear Stoppage Type 1 - Stoppage Type 2 - Stoppage Type 3
16) Controlled Pair and the Failure to Stop
17) Ragged Hole Drill
18) Shooting drills 3, 5, 7, 10 15 yards
19) Dry Fire drills