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Plumcrazy Polymer Trigger Group Lifetime Warranty

Plumcrazy Polymer Trigger Group Lifetime Warranty

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Plumcrazy Polymer Trigger Group Lifetime Warranty Hammer , trigger and diconnector NANO Polymers Self Lubricating Comes with buffer detent, buffer detent spring, front and rear detents and dent springs, Steel Bolt catch with spring and detent plus roll pin, pistol grip with detent , spring and allen screw with toothpick washer. and safety front and rear take down pins, magazine button, magazine spring and detent. hammer and trigger pivot pins high carbon steel These trigger sets have seen 100,000 rounds no breaks, matter of fact out of 100,000 sets sold so far not one has come back for warranty, SUREFIRE Institute trains with these sets on all their AR-15 platforms all over the country with 0 complaints. Trigger pull isaround 4.25-4.75 out of the box, no need for lubrication ever, will not attract sand and dirt. $35.00 no questions asked warranty guaranteed you will never go back to metal again!  No need lubrication.

Crisp trigger breaks at average 4.0 pounds
Lifetime Warranty